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The West Thompson Dam
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The West Thompson Dam has a very important role in the history of the town of Thompson, Connecticut. Built in the 1960s, residents perceive it as a permanent structure in the town. The buildings of the village of West Thompson, referred to as Nashaway in the past, once stood where the West Thompson Lake and the West Thompson Dam are today. 

When I was younger, I had heard stories about old buildings and remnants of a village existing underneath the West Thompson Lake. There were actually rumors that if one went scuba-diving in the lake they would be able to swim amongst the buildings of the old village.
I now know, however, that although there was a village where the lake is now, no buildings lie under the water's surface because the federal government had the buildings razed.
This website is designed to educate anybody who is interested in learning more about the old village of West Thompson and the West Thompson Dam.

What's New?

12/08/08 - Completed website published to the web.

West Thompson Lake
Courtesy of Brittany Gleim

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